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2 polar bears meet on this BSP Bipolar mug, the 16th in the popular British Tea Power range.

The mug is arctic sea ice white with seal blood red text and heavy water deep sea blue bears.

Price includes postage and packaging to the U.K.


Although this mug is guaranteed to preserve hot liquids Arctic explorers are advised that additional survival equipment might need to be packed prior to setting sail.

Price : £10.00
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Darwinian Animosity British Tea Power MK XV - LIMITED STOCK

BSP are proud to present the very latest in the British Tea Power range.

This magic mug pits ancient rivals badger and spider in a head-to-head combat.

This mug, which proudly displays the words British Tea Power along the outside edge, is available in two distinct varieties. Following the introduction of hot liquids the images decorating the mug transform. On one mug the spider appears victorious, on the other the badger triumphs.

Price includes postage and packaging to the UK.

Badger or spider:
Price : £9.50
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British Tea Power Bee Magic Mug - MK XIV - LIMITED STOCK

Be gone
Be gone
Be gone your olden ways, be gone
Don't be afraid of anyone
Like seasons, just move on

If you love tea and you love bees then surely this is the mug you have been dreaming of?

Price includes P&P to the U.K.

Price : £9.00
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Brilliantine 'Mortality'

Does it get much better than this? British Sea Power's very own jar of Brilliantine titled 'Mortality'. Brilliantine is an old fashioned scented hair pomade. BSP's is scented with sweet orange and cedar wood and comes in a glass jar with a aluminium lid.. This product was launched to coincide with the Sept 06 tour and features a picture of YAN fully 'tined up.
This product doubles up as a wonderful lip balm, moisturiser and is great at preventing wetsuit chaffing around the neck when sea swimming. Let us know if you find further uses.
This product is not tested on animals. Just members of British Sea Power.

Please email the shopkeeper ( including a photograph of your head if you would like further details on how to achieve the official BSP 'BRILL MORT' hair style.

Price : £6.20
Availability : Currently unavailable

Man of Aran Poster Print

To commemorate the occasion of British Sea Power's new soundtrack to the 1939 film Man of Aran we are proud to present this fine poster print. This print transforms the Isle of Aran into the silhouette of a basking shark a.k.a. Cetorhinus maximus (who is a known resident of the island). This Sea Power map combines place names, song titles and film references.

The print is on 170 gsm A2 paper.

The print will be posted in a secure heavy weight poster tube. The price includes P&P to the U.K.

Price : £12.00
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Spring Has Sprung Patch

BSP's polar mascot heroically brandishes a Galanthus nivalis in this all-new Spring has Sprung patch.

The patch measure  94mm x 66mm.

Price includes P&P to the U.K.

Adhesion Instructions:

This patch can be sew on ironed on, for those wishing to iron on then please refer to the following instruction.

If using a standard iron then set the iron to the correct heat temperature for the garment you are using.

Place a damp cloth over the patch and hold the iron down for around 25 seconds (slightly longer if the iron is on a low setting). Allow the garment to cool then turn inside out and place iron over the patch area again for another 25 seconds. Leave to cool.

Price : £5.70
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What's Your Maximum? Pin Badge Set

This five-piece pin badge set features choice phrases from BSP's Valhalla Dancehall album.

Price includes postage and packaging to the U.K.

Price : £5.50
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zeus badges.gif


BSP's enduring emblem has been transformed into this 9 carat gold plated brooch which measure 1 inch in length.

A true treasure.

Your brooch will be sent attached to an old postcard.

Price : £7.00
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Band for Life Bag


This is not a plastic bag, this is an official BSP carry-all designed both for the rock venue and the mean streets. The durable heavyweight bag is made from 100% organic cotton. The print features signs and symbols culled from BSP's image archive.

Price includes postage and packaging to the UK.

Price : £16.50
Availability : Currently unavailable

BSP Tourist Fudge

Join British Sea Power in their worldwide search for Valhalla Dancehall and remember to take a memento home for all the neighbours and friends.

BSP have combined high amplified rock music with high sugar to obtain a 150 gram sweet treat for tourists everywhere.

This fudge is suitable for vegetarians.

Price includes postage and packaging to the U.K.

Price : £5.45
Availability : Currently unavailable

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